One of the main elements of our project about the Belgian refugees who lived and worked in East Twickenham and the rest of the borough is to create a new permanent memorial. We propose that it should be in the Warren Gardens, the riverside park between the Thames and the Richmond Bridge Estate, just outside the site of the old Pelabon munitions factory where so many of the refugees worked.

We have applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant to enable the whole project to go ahead and we're waiting for a decision, which we expect to get in October. Meanwhile, we have also had to apply for planning permission to put up the memorial in the gardens.

The application, 14/3266/FUL, is on the Council's website and the required consultation notices have gone out to immediate neighbours. But it's feeling a bit neglected because so far no-one has commented on it at all.

So help us out. Go to the page for the application - right here - and tell the Council that you think it's a great idea before Friday 26 September. Thanks!



08 September 2014